How To Terraform Mars — With Lasers!

Why is Mars currently inhabitable?

The atmosphere on Mars is very thin and does not provide enough protection from the harmful radiation of the sun. The temperature on the surface of Mars is very cold, which would make it difficult for most forms of life to survive. Finally, there is no liquid water on the surface of Mars, which is necessary for life as we know it to exist.

Could we use science to make Mars more like earth?

The process of intentionally modifying the atmosphere, temperature, and ecology of the planet. Many scientists have hypothesized how you might actually grow real flowers on Mars to make the planet more comfortable for human living. This video from explains how a giant laser could be used to restore the oxygen layer and water conditions on Mars from hundreds of millions of years ago.

NASA has confirmed evidence that Mars has water frozen in deep reservoirs and at the polar ice caps to create a very shallow ocean. Oxygen is also stored in the iron oxide and carbonate rocks on Mars.

Watch to find out more about how we might be able to unlock these gases and water on Mars.

YouTube video

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