SpaceChatter seeks out to bring the latest in space research to the forefront for conversation, debate, and a clearer understanding. Launched by StudyFinds.com Editor-in-Chief Steve Fink in June 2022 thanks to his fascination with the cosmos, SpaceChatter provides readers with some of the more visual and extraordinary developments in the astronomy world.

Using information right from the source, including journal articles, interviews and press releases, our articles are intended to be understood by space fanatics of any level, whether amateur or professional.

“I’m about as amateur as it gets when it comes to astronomy.” Fink says, “But anytime I’m outside at night, I cannot stop myself from staring at the stars. How great is it that one of the most beautiful mysteries for humanity graces us every single night, keeping our imaginations and child-like curiosity constantly spinning? To be able to pick out some of the newest discoveries and happening in the space world and provide reports with some greater clarity for someone like myself is a true honor.”

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