Bacteria On Mars Proven To Survive Martian Atmosphere

The Deino (Deinos)  prefix and Coccus (Kokkos) suffix is Ancient Greek for “Terrible grain/berry”.

Radio and Durans are Latin for “Radioactive enduring”. Guinness Book of World Records registered D. Radiodurans as the toughest bacteria known in existence.

may even be bulletproof, a theory I’d love to test. For science, of course.

This particular bacteria is the most radioactive-resistant and toughest-surviving strain known to man and we know it as “Conan the Bacterium.

This type of bacteria is known as a “polyextremophile”

It can survive being dunked in acid, freezing vacuum, arid dehydration, artillery barrages of deadly radiation

all the other Arnold Schwarzenegger-like qualities one could dream of. It might even resist being shot at by ballistics like a T-800 Terminator unit

It’s a miracle anything even survives here to our standards.